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After confronting the inevitability of a 5th knee surgery, a knee replacement, along with concerns around a history of blood clots and vascular bypass surgery in the legs and groin, artist, athlete and entraprenuer, Milton Washington took rehabilitation into his own hands. Using an African stool for support and leverage, he developed movements seeded in his extensive experience with physical therapy as a Division 1 college football player and years of an active lifestyle that reduced his joint pain and weight, improved his circulation and overall fitness. And it happened FAST.

ROKMIL FITNESS is the first fitness system that offers the elusive Golden Trifecta of fitness: strength, flexibility AND cardio. And we don’t stop there, ROKMIL enhances athleticism, coordination and balance resulting in the best YOU. And for those committed to other forms of exercise or fitness systems, incorporating ROKMIL means you can get more from the other activities you love—yoga, CrossFit, cycling, jogging or sports, whatever it is, ROKMIL will will fill the gap that your activity is missing (strength, flexibility or cardio or conditioning) helping you to become stronger in that activity as well as becoming resistant to injury. 

About the Founder


Milton Washington

Rokmil Fitness is the brainchild of artist, athlete and mover Milton Washington.
As a ex-college football player with an extensive list of injuries who persisted in living an active lifestyle, Milton Washington knows his body well.